Enbaxadore Programme 2017

The Enbaxadore Programme gives recognition to ten new professionals

Programme promoted by San Sebastián Turismo & Convention Bureau and Kursaal

Ten professionals have been designated new ambassadors of San Sebastián as part of the Enbaxadore Programa, promoted by San Sebastián Turismo & Convention Bureau and Kursaal, which seeks to encourage and support convention tourism in our city.


The event was held at the Ni Neu restaurant. In addition to the new “Enbaxadore”, attendees included Eneko Goia, president of San Sebastián Turismo & Convention Bureau and mayor of San Sebastián; Manu Narváez, director of San Sebastián Turismo & Convention Bureau; Iker Goikoetxea, managing director of Kursaal and Manuel Carreiras, manager of the BCBL (Basque Center on Cognition, Brain and Language).

The Enbaxadore Programme was created in 2012 with the aim of acknowledging professionals that had organised meetings, events or conventions in the city with more than 450 delegates (in the case of national events) and more than 200 delegates (in the case of international events).

This year, special recognition will be given to the following professionals:


The new “Enbaxadore” join a list of 48 professionals making up this prestigious “club”, which was created in 2012.

The impact of conference activities in Gipuzkoa

This programme, promoted by the San Sebastian Turismo & Convention Bureau and Kursaal, aims to recognise the hard work of those who have helped Donostia to become a key location for important national and international events and in doing so have promoted and increased the visibility of our destination.

Presenting a pitch and taking charge of the organisation of a conference involves a significant effort, which Kursaal and San Sebastián Turismo & Convention Bureau would like to acknowledge. This selfless work has important repercussions in terms of both generating an economic impact and promoting the dissemination of knowledge in our area.

Conferences are the market segment with the greatest potential for growth and they bring significant added value in quantitative terms, acting as an economic catalyst for the area. In 2016, 147events linked to convention tourism were held in the city (conferences, workshops, congresses and so on), of which 46.2% were of an international scope. The estimated economic impact of these activities is €38,700,000 (number of overnight stays multiplied by an average expenditure of €350 per conference attendee).