Who we are


The company "San Sebastián Turismo-Donostia Turismoa, S.A.", was created after its passing of the 31 January, 2006 Statutes (it being a trading company) in a plenary session of the San Sebastian City Council, as a limited company wholly owned by the municipality.

It has as its objective the promotion, development and strengthening of the economic and social activities that contribute, whether directly or indirectly, to the advancement of tourism in the San Sebastian region.


Mission statement

San Sebastian Turismo-Donostia Turismo, S.A. is a public limited company of local government ownership, committed to the strategic management of San Sebastian as a tourist destination, focusing on supporting the city's economic development built on a sustainable foundation (social, economic and environmental) through cooperation between public and private agents and fostering synergies between other municipalities and districts in Gipuzkoa.



To stand as the benchmark with regards to tourism in the city, playing a leading role in the coordination of public-private initiatives in the tourism sphere in order to convert San Sebastian into a quality tourist destination that innovates, fosters creativity, and is able to achieve and maintain a balance between visitors and citizens, working for the continued improvement of service quality and internal management systems while forming a team of efficient and motivated professionals.



  • Transparent and effective management
  • Commitment to service
  • Public-private cooperation
  • Teamwork
  • Respect for people
  • Leadership in the tourist industry


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the body for the permanent governance and management of the Company.

Board of Directors

  • Eneko Goia - President
  • Hutsune Mendiburu - Vice-president
  • Juan Ramón Viles
  • Manuel Harina
  • Josu Mirena Ruiz
  • Miren Albistur
  • Loïc Alejandro
  • Fran González
  • Mikel Ubarretxena
  • Odon Elorza
  • Iñaki Urkaregi


Advisory Board

This is the body which provides counsel to the Company's Board of Directors.


  • Iker Goikoetxea (Infraestructures)
  • Laura Larrión (Inbound Travel Agencies)
  • Eugenio Tamayo (Shops)
  • Hutsune Mendiburu (Events, Meetings and Incentives Organization)
  • Odón Elorza (Museums, culture and leisure)
  • Fran González (Accomodations)
  • Iñaki Urkaregi (Transports)
  • Mikel Ubarretxena (Gastronomy)
  • Andoni Zubillaga (Complementary Services)
  • Maria Jesús González (Tourist Services)